23 January 2020

Training day on Industry 4.0

Yesterday Prof. Marco Sortino from the University of Udine was our guest for a private lecture on the Intelligent Factory. The professor boasts a remarkable curriculum: he is associate professor of Mechanical Technology and Processing Systems, coordinator of the research group in Processing Technologies and Systems, and scientific director of the Advanced Mechatronics Laboratory LAMA FVG.

He has participated in many projects related to advanced mechanical processing and special materials. His areas of research are:

  • Monitoring and optimization of machining processes
  • Modeling and dynamics of machining processes
  • Intelligent machining systems and adaptive control
  • Machinability of metallic materials
  • Statistical techniques for process control
  • Manufacturing of parts for biomedical application
  • Micromachining and molding of micro-components
  • Disassembly
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Laser welding and cutting

Federico Biasutti, PhD student at the University of Udine, also attended the class. This day of university-level training focused on the evolution of Industry-4.0 machine tools, with particular attention to the integration and interfacing of our press brakes in a smart factory ecosystem. Gasparini has always been committed to continuous training on Digital Transformation, the frontier where the future evolution of manufacturing is concentrated.

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