21 September 2022

United toward a common goal

Team building according to Gasparini Industries: unity is strength. Different work moments are often not enough to create effective mechanisms and motivate each employee to actively participate in teamwork. Thus comes into play this activity, which Gasparini Industries has been relying on for some time now.

Last Thursday, September 15, in collaboration with Performando and Canottieri Sile, Gasparini Industries held its corporate Team Building activity in the beautiful setting of Treviso Center. The members of the Company were able to engage in different rehearsals within the beautiful Sile Park, thanks to the program organized by Bruno Durante of Performando and the staff of Canottieri Treviso, the oldest sports club in the City. The latter has been welcoming since 1908 all people eager to practice rowing, canoe-kayak and Venetian rowing at both competitive and amateur levels.

But let’s take a step back: what does Team Building mean? It is the complex of activities aimed at fostering communication and establishing a climate of trust and cooperation among the members of a group, particularly among the employees of a company. Gasparini Industries has always organized activities dedicated to the work and well-being of its employees, aimed at motivating and incentivizing the work team to improve its dynamics. Behind a great Company in fact, there are great people. Because the Company is made up of people, each with different and specific roles and who work together to achieve a common goal. The idea associated with rowing is that of ‘working’ together toward a single direction that is the ultimate goal. Therefore, group cohesion and the spirit of sacrifice are key.

Gasparini decided to create a time of sharing in this area, which allowed the team to be strengthened and create positive dynamics useful in achieving future goals, without losing sight of the well-being of all team members.

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