Laser Check
bend angle measurement system

Laser precision

Laser Check, manufactured by Data M Engineering, is a bend angle measurement and correction system by means of a laser beam. The device is made of a laser and a camera on both sides of the bending line. Detection is carried out in this way:

  • a laser beam is projected on the sheet metal surface
  • the camera detects the laser beam
  • the angle between the beam and the camera axis determines the bend angle

In those cases when it is not possible to completely remove the press brake bending force, for instance with big and heavy parts, springback is inferred by measuring the C-frames through strain gauges.

The most important features of this system are the possibility to being installed on any press brake with no modifications to the tools. Nevertheless, it is necessary to modify the bench height to install the linear guides where the device will slide. The part to be bent must have a side flange long enough to allow reading, and must have no counterbends that may block the beam or collide with the device. On the other hand, there are no die opening limitations, even with variable-V dies. It can be used with very high tonnages.

Dati tecnici

Die opening 6÷350 mm
Die height 55÷120 mm
Angle 0°÷180°
Precision maggiore di ±0,1°
Bending cycle time 6÷18 s


Specific ranges depend on the model..

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