14 July 2023

The X-Cut 3006 guillotine shear design for steel and aluminium carpentry

For AITEC Srl, a carpentry company based in Parma that manufactures customised industrial machines and plants or parts of them in stainless steel and aluminium, we produced an X-Cut 3006 guillotine shear. This machine is capable of shearing up to 6 mm of common steel or 4 mm of stainless steel.

The main technical characteristics of the guillotine shear

This shear is equipped with Blade Pads with a 200 mm pitch. These are a series of adjustable pads that keep the blade in position at all times. In fact, with the Blade Pads we hold the ram along its entire length, to avoid that the blade clearance may vary in an uncontrolled way. The Blade Pads system is also used to adjust blade gap.

Automating the sheet metal shear

The machine was equipped with the CNC entirely developed by Gasparini, on an industrial PC, which gives the possibility of integration on an automatic line and expansion of the controlled axes. It features a 12″ touch display with EtherCAT master and supports remote assistance.

The CNC has a material database and allows control:

  • Backgauge
  • Cutting angle
  • Interspace blades

The choice of bench and supports

This shear is equipped with a bench with removable supports and steel drive balls.
The bench is a monolithic and milled block. It is an integral part of the guillotine shear and like the rest of the structure it has been designed and optimized with FEA methods (Finite Element Analysis). The bench is equipped with movable elements with scroll balls, freely repositionable over the entire length of the bench to fit the needs of the operator.
To protect the most delicate surfaces, the bench can be equipped with nylon ball transfers. These ball transfers can be mounted on a disappearing system.

Standard front supports are fixed to the bench with screw clamping and can be repositioned according to the needs. They are equipped with a few standard accessories:

  • Disappearing gauge
  • Ball transfers
  • Measure ruler
  • Squaring arm with side stop

Shear customisation required by metalworkers

In addition, this guillotine shear features:

  • LED illuminated work area
  • Side square
  • Illuminated work area with cutting line indication
  • Remote control button in addition to foot pedal
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