19 July 2022

The X-Cut 2004 guillotine shear design for the automotive sector

For motorsport fans, Akrapovič needs no introduction. Racer Igor Akrapovič was not satisfied with commercially available exhaust systems for cars and motorbikes. He therefore started in 1990 to develop exhausts with lightweight and innovative materials such as titanium and carbon fibre. The company has its own titanium foundry, hydroforming machines, X-ray radioscopy and chemical analysis laboratory. The collaboration with Akrapovič began in 2006 with the purchase of an 8-axis X-Press 50/1600 (Y1-Y2-X-R-Z1-Z2-X5-X6), and continued in 2011 with a CO2004 shear with anti-scratch ball trasnfers and dual position support.

The main technical characteristics of the guillotine shear

The preference for Gasparini shears is now renewed with a new X-Cut 2004 guillotine shear, equipped with Blade Pads to keep the blade straight even with the toughest materials. In addition to the foot pedal we have added a button to start the cutting cycle. The hydraulic sheet clamps are driven independently of the blade movement for better control.

The rear support is of the ’tilt to back’ type: it lowers during cutting and then tilts to slide the cut piece to the rear. The table is equipped with ball transfers, mounted on a special pneumatic retractable support near the cutting area to avoid damaging the sheet metal. A goniometer with a 750 mm rod allows the sheet metal to be cut at a precise angle.

The sheets cut by Akrapovič are very thin and therefore tend to warp, introducing deformations that could distort positioning and cutting length. This is why we installed a special pneumatic device that pushes the sheets against the rear support to keep them perfectly flat.

Four additional sets of rollers in the support increase the support surface to prevent any damage to the sheet. The shear is equipped with a robot interface to allow the exchange of signals with the automated feeding system that will be installed directly on site.

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