Online calculator for bending sheet metal boxes

According to data collected by one of our customers, it takes several minutes to bend a sheet metal box of considerable size. The process has an important manual component, generates faulty parts, can cause damage and injury, and takes a long time.

A box with rounded edges requires two operators and almost 2 minutes to bend, and another 5 minutes to correct the part before welding. One with sharp edges can take up to 90 minutes and the use of very special equipment.

special bespoke press brake x-press supercustom

Thanks to the X-Press SuperCustom press brake, this part is now made by a single operator, in about 1 minute, without risk and with a perfect result.

To calculate how much each part costs with both solutions, and how much the X-Press SuperCustom press brake helps save annually, fill in the fields on the left.

Gross hourly rate [€]:
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Bending time on traditional press brake [seconds]:
Number of operators with traditional press brake:
Bending time on X-Press SuperCustom [seconds]:
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Time for part fixing with traditional bending method [seconds]:
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