X-Press press brakes


X-Press hydraulic press brake renovates its structure, its accessories and its design. Its structure is welded and normalized to guarantee maximum stability, and is now equipped with a new backgauge.


X-Press is now available in three trims: Easy, Next, and SuperCustom. These three configurations may be customised according to the final product, manufacturing flexibility, and ease of tool change.

hydraulic press brake x-press easy
reliable pressbrake

Simple and solid press brake.

european italian press brake

Entirely produced in Italy with high-quality components.

customized press brake

Work area can be customized and all types of tool clamping can be installed.

cnc press brakes

2-axes backgauge and Delem DA-58T CNC

customized press brake x-press next
advanced press brakes

A top-notch press brake, with the most powerful CNCs.

increased open height and stroke

Open height, stroke, and throat can be customized.

press brake crowning

It can be equipped with real-time Adaptive Crowning system and a wide choice of accessories.

press brake optionals

The perfect machine for those who want to increase efficiency of their manufacturing and perform even the most complex fabrication processes.

industry 4.0 press brake

X-Press Next press brake is compliant with Industry 4.0 guidelines.

special bespoke press brake x-press supercustom
special press brake

A one-off press brake.

press brake dimensions

SuperCustom is completely made to measure in open height, stroke, throat, and tool adapters height.

press brake for tanks and deep boxes

A bespoke suit that perfectly fits your product, especially if you make deep boxes, tanks and large sinks.

The X-Press press brakes can be produced in any bending force and with any length.

Our productive structure in Istrana (Treviso, Italy) allows us to make even exceptionally powerful and big machines.

Press brakes can be configured as stand-alone, or in tandem/tridem/quadrem and integrated in a robotic cell or automated line.

Our machines have been certified as compliant to Industry 4.0 guidelines by the Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone (Pordenone Technology Hub).


Standard equipment Easy Next SuperCustom
Throat Standard/increased Standard/increased bespoke
Height of bench from the floor Standard/increased Standard/increased bespoke
Y stroke Standard/increased Standard/increased bespoke
Y axis stroke Standard/increased Standard/increased bespoke
Backgauge 2 axes X-R 2 to 8 axes X-R-Z1-Z2-X5-X6 2 to 8 axes X-R-Z1-Z2-X5-X6
Sensorized backstops not available optional optional
Additional backstops optional, manual only optional optional
Retractable supports optional optional optional
CNC Delem DA-58T Delem DA-66T, DA-69T, Phoeni-x, Gasparini bespoke
Crowning Automatic, wedge crowning Gasparini Adaptive (>50 t) or automatic (<50 t); optional Gasparini Adaptive Plus (with Eco+) or wedge crowning bespoke
Energy saving optional Stand-by, Eco Easy optional Stand-by, Eco, Eco+ optional Stand-by, Eco, Eco+
Clamping manual Promecam; optional pneumatic/hydraulic Promecam/Wila manual Promecam; optional pneumatic/hydraulic Promecam/Wila manual Promecam; optional pneumatic/hydraulic Promecam/Wila
Bench 60/90 mm self-centering 60/90 mm self-centering 60/90 mm self-centering
Front supports Standard Standard, optional sliding or bending aids Standard, optional sliding or bending aids
Illuminazione LED non-dimmable LED dimmable bespoke
Pedaliera Standard Standard Standard