31 October 2022

The X-Press 80/2000 project for a furniture company

For Mara, a historic Italian company specializing in the production of innovative, aesthetic and functional furniture systems and elements, we created an 80 t hydraulic press brake with a bench length of 2100 mm, featuring equipment with advanced sensor technology for the detection and correction of process drifts. The bench-cross span is 400 mm, with a Y-axis stroke of 200 mm and manual clampings with standard intermediates of 100 mm height.

The X-Press 80/2000 project for a furniture company

The Next design, the top of the line in press brakes with the most powerful CNCs, was chosen for the machine setup. The open height, stroke, and throat were customized to increase its efficiency and accomplish the necessary machining.

The choice of CNC was the Delem DA-69T, whose advanced user interface enables rapid collaboration between programming and production. Unlike the DA-66T, the DA-69T allows 3D programming. In terms of offline software, on the other hand, Delem Profile-T 3D was chosen, which in addition to enabling the aforementioned programming, allows importing files in DXF, STP and IGES formats. In addition, communication standards compliant with Industry 4.0 Intelligent Factory models were installed, and the Tele-Link remote assistance function was set up.

Precision, ergonomics and press safety during bending: how we achieved them

The backgauge has 5 axes (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) controlled by CNC. In addition to the standard axes, Z1 and Z2 axes were also equipped to be able to adjust the back references laterally making the bending process easier for parts with different lengths. In addition, the X6 axis was also included for machining parts with different support points.

The foot pedal and front supports are standard. The latter are supplied with the press brake and can be positioned along the entire length of the machine by hooking onto the bench, with the possibility of height adjustment.

The safety system installed is DSP-AP Laser type with lowering of the speed change point and reduction of cycle time. The DSP-AP system generates a visible laser beam that complies with EN12622 and protects the operator from the danger of crushing. The shape is optimized to achieve the most effective protection for the operator without compromising productivity in any way.

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