11 September 2023

330/4000 X-Press for the production of bakery products

For Bake Industry s.r.l., a Leading manufacturer of turnkey plants for pizza and Bakery products, we built a hydraulic press brake with Design Next, a capacity of 330 tonnes and a table length of 4100 mm. The open-height is 600 mm, with a stroke of 400 mm.

This 330/4000 is equipped with the Gasparini Adaptive Crowning system and the E-Reflex Deformation Compensation System. The combination of these two systems allows excellent results in terms of quality, precision and repeatability of the parts to be bent. Thanks to the crowning system, in fact, the two rams are perfectly parallel and it is possible to obtain total control of the angle. The E-Reflex then monitors the bending of the structure thanks to a network of sensors in the press brake and the hydraulic system.

The material can change completely from piece to piece and the bending machine will always react optimally.

This press brake features the Industry 4.0 package and has been prepared for the Tele-Link remote service function.

It has also been equipped with:

  • standard foot pedal
  • 2 sliding front support arms
  • LED lighting of the working area

The backgauge is 5-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) CNC-controlled, and has been implemented with an additional stop and reference, to ensure maximum precision for operators during the bending process of specific parts.

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The CNC is the Delem DA-66T, and the offline software is Delem Profile Lite TL 2D. This type of CNC features:

  • High-resolution 17″ touch screen
  • 2D programming
  • DXF import

As far as the clamping system is concerned, the 110 mm high Gasparini AirSlide pneumatic clamp for European type tools was chosen for the upper part of the machine. This self-aligning system allows the vertical assembly and disassembly of the press brake tools in complete safety. The automatic alignment function positions and secures the tools, reducing set-up times and increasing productivity.

The bottom clamping is manual.

Thanks to the ECO energy-saving package, the X-Press built for Bake Industry offers a high level of energy efficiency, similar to that of an electric version, but without its limitations. It combines perfectly with the folding power that only a hydraulic machine can provide. Savings can be as high as 50 per cent, compared to a standard folder.

The safety system installed is of the Laser DSP-AP type, which generates a visible laser beam conforming to EN12622. The beam protects the operator from the danger of crushing between punch and die.
This device allows the speed change point to be lowered by up to 4 mm from the plate.

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