26 June 2023

Project with two hydraulic press brakes for metalwork (330/4000 and 115/3000)

For G.F. srl, a carpentry company in Bologna that deals with sheet metal working, we produced two hydraulic press brakes that differ in tonnage and length: the first is 330 t for 4100 mm, and the second is 115 t for 3100 mm.

26 June 2023

Hydraulic press brake 330-4000

The first press brake manufactured for G.F. s.r.l. is 330 t with a table length of 4100 mm. It was configured with our Next design and the open height is 600 mm, with a Y-axis stroke of 300 mm and the work area has LED lighting.

This bending machine is designed with the automatic hydraulic bending system and the E-Reflex deformation compensation system, which moves the ram away from the table, distorting its positioning. In fact, during the bending phase, the side shoulders of the press brake are subjected to considerable bending: they tend to open up in the notch area. Deformation of the structure is a physical phenomenon that can only be avoided through this system.

In addition, this machine is equipped with a wireless sliding foot pedal.

The backgauge is 5-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) CNC-controlled, which in addition to the two standard axes also features the Z1 and Z2 axes. It is characterised by the addition of a reference in the backgauge for increased contact depth during the bending process.

With regard to the choice of clamping systems, the customer decided to equip the bending machine with the 200 mm high Gasparini AirSlide upper pneumatic system for European type tools, and the manual lower clamping device. Gasparini AirSlide is an innovative compressed air distribution system that allows tool adapters to be moved along the entire length of the ram in any position, without connecting pipes and without tools. They can be removed or added in any combination, without air leakage. In addition, they are self-aligning: the punches are lifted and brought into position.

The CNC is of the Delem DA-69T type while the offline software is Delem Profile-T 3D. The system was mounted on a mobile control desk.

This machine was prepared for the Tele-Link remote assistance function, and communication standards compliant with Industry 4.0 Intelligent Factory models were installed.

The customer also chose to install two sheet lifters with manual adjustment of the R-axis. These are movable supports placed at the front of the machine, at the height of the bending line. The supports are controlled by the CNC and support the sheet metal during the bending process.

The safety system installed is of the Laser DSP-AP type, which generates a visible laser beam conforming to EN12622. The beam protects the operator from the danger of crushing between punch and die.
This device allows the speed change point to be lowered by up to 4 mm from the plate. The result is that the upper cross beam moves at high speed for longer, limiting the part of the bending sequence where speed is reduced to a minimum. The time saved with DSP-AP compared to a light curtain or other guarding is approximately 1.2 seconds per bend. The DSP-AP laser guard also supports auto blanking for automatic recognition of boxed and side-walled profiles.

Hydraulic press brake 115-3000

The second press brake manufactured for G.F. s.r.l. is 115 t with a table length of 3100 mm. The open height is 500 mm, with a Y-axis stroke of 300 mm, and the working area has LED lighting.

Just like the first machine, this one has been designed with our Next design, the automatic hydraulic crowning and E-Reflex deformation compensation systems, and is equipped with a wireless sliding foot pedal.

The upper clamping system is a pneumatic Gasparini AirSlide type, 110 mm high for European-type tools, while the lower clamping system is manual.

In addition, this bending machine is equipped with two sliding front support arms, height-adjustable supports mounted on a linear guide, with tool drawer. They can be easily disengaged from the rail if required, and due to their low weight can be moved with very little effort. The shelf measures 600 x 140 mm, is covered with scratch-resistant polyethylene profiles and can support up to 500 kg.

26 June 2023

As with the first folder, this machine was also equipped with:
  • 5-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) CNC-controlled backgauge
  • DSP-AP safety system with PLC
  • Delem DA-69T CNC
  • Delem Profile-T 3D offline software
  • Tele-Link remote assistance
  • Industry 4.0 package

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