19 July 2022

The X-Press Next 165-4000 project for a HO.RE.CA. equipment manufacturer.

Coimaf is an excellence in Southern Italy, which since 1946 has been designing and manufacturing small, medium and large refrigeration systems, workshops and centres for cooking and food preparation, industrial kitchens, HO.RE.CA. equipment, and custom-made furnishings for bars, pastry shops, hotels, butcheries, fishmongers and markets with both modern and traditional lines. Over the last few years, Coimaf has decided to open up the production of galvanised sheet metal and stainless steel ducting for air conditioning and extraction systems to third party installers, becoming a reliable supplier of all the material and accessories needed in the world of aeraulics. The company’s strength is an important production department and an assistance team capable of servicing customers in a very short time, which is essential during the tourist season. For Coimaf Gasparini has just completed an X-Press Next 165-4000 press brake with 600 mm spacing, 400 mm stroke, and a remarkable range of accessories.

The main technical features of the press brake

The machine is equipped with an E-Reflex deformation compensation system to maintain exact positioning of the upper beam even with different lengths, thicknesses, and materials. Another very important feature of the press brake is Gasparini’s real-time Adaptive Crowning Plus, which combines three technologies in synergy. The first is Gasparini’s Adaptive Crowning, which compensates for ram deflections during the bending cycle to ensure profiles with constant angles between centre and ends. The second is an exclusive hydraulic accumulation system, with a tank, motor-pump unit, and proportional valve dedicated to the crowning system. This provides high-pressure oil ready to be used by the crowning, with lower energy consumption and faster intervention. The third is the ECO energy-saving system, which integrates a high-power vector inverter to drive the main motor with variable voltage and frequency depending on what the workload requires. The result is greater efficiency, higher speeds, and less oil stress.


To correctly position workpieces of many different shapes, Coimaf opted for the CNC-controlled 5-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) backgauge. Thanks to the special shape of the fingers and the presence of the relative X-axis, the sheet metal can be positioned at an angle of up to 75°. Two idle fingers and an additional stop on each finger further expand its versatility. For all bends that do not allow reliance on the backgauge, two LaserLine have been incorporated, which draw a laser beam at the bend axis.

Sheet metal bending speed: how to achieve it

For quick tool changes, we have supplied the new 200 mm high tool adapters with Toolever manual clamping. These lever clampings are extremely fast and allow self-alignment of the punches, reducing set-up times. Drive Bar, a bar of coloured LEDs, shows the operator where to install the punches and which work station is currently active.


The CNC installed is a very powerful Delem DA-69T capable of visualising and editing bending sequences in 3D. The CNC is equipped with a Tele-Link remote assistance tool and an Industry 4.0 package for sharing process data and managing production batches. The CNC is complemented by Delem Profile-T 3D offline CAM software that can also import 3D files such as STEP and IGES. Finally, we supplied a beautiful Mitutoyo wireless goniometer with a 300 mm measuring scale. Interfaced directly to the CNC, it allows the angle to be measured and the necessary correction to be sent at the touch of a button.

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