15 March 2023

The X-Press 80-2500 project for a machine shop

For Martinello, a machine shop in Riese Pio X in the province of Treviso, which assembles iron materials, we built a hydraulic press brake with a capacity of 80 tonnes and a worktable length of 2500 mm.

The main technical features of the press brake

The machine was designed with our Easy design. The table-traverse span is 400 mm, the Y-axis travel is 200 mm and the working area is equipped with LED lighting. This machine has been implemented with the Industry 4.0 package and the Tele-Link remote assistance function. Its Delem CNC technology is DA-66T, while the offline software is Delem Profile Lite TL 2D.

This press brake is equipped with an automatic hydraulic crowning system that works in conjunction with the E-Reflex deformation compensation system, which monitors the bending of the structure through a network of sensors located both inside the machine and in the hydraulic system. These sensors detect any anomalies and compare the position of the crossbar with the oil pressure to determine the actual position of the punch, regardless of deformations.

The choice of pneumatic clamping system

The customer’s choice of clamping system fell on Toolever tool adapters. These are quick-acting lever tool clamping without tools, thanks to which a clear time saving can be achieved compared to traditional screw clamping.


  • 100-mm height: does not require CNC reprogramming
  • Front wedge crowning: tool adapters can be placed one against the other without gaps
  • Dual sided clamping with front locking for reversed tooling
  • Swift clamping and unclamping does not require any special tools, just an ordinary Allen key or a screwdriver
  • Even when clamps are open, tools remain in safety position without falling
  • Self-aligning: when closing, punches are lifted and rested on the tool adapter, eliminating the need for preliminary bends
  • Works even with 10-mm wide segmented punches

Bottom locking is manual.

Precision, safety and ergonomics of the press during bending: how we achieved them

The backgauge has four CNC-controlled axes (X-R-Z1-Z2). This system is highly flexible and precise: in addition to the two standard axes, it also features the Z1 and Z2 axes, two additional manually manoeuvrable references and an additional stop. This solution guarantees greater adaptability of the machine to different types of workpiece. In addition, the rear references are equipped with an anti-collision safety device that releases them in the event of violent impacts, preventing damage or displacement from their correct position. Thanks to the Z1-Z2 axes, lateral movement of the references is possible to simplify the positioning of parts of different lengths or to work on several stations.

The safety system adopted is the DSP-AP. It generates a visible laser beam conforming to EN12622. The beam protects the operator from the danger of crushing between punch and die. With this device it is possible to position the speed change point only 4 mm from the sheet, which allows the upper crosshead to maintain a high speed for a longer time, minimising the part of the bending process where speed is reduced.

The front support arms are sliding, height-adjustable and mounted on a linear rail, with a tool tray. They can be easily detached from the rail if required, and thanks to their low weight they can be moved with very little effort.

The shelf measures 600 x 140 mm, is covered with scratch-resistant polyethylene profiles and can support up to 500 kg.

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