03 November 2023

400/4000 X-Press for Talmac Machine Tools

For Talmac Machine Tools, a customer from South Africa, we built a hydraulic press brake with Easy Design, a capacity of 400 tonnes and a table length of 4100 mm.

The bench-ram open height is 500 mm, with a stroke of 300 mm.

This press brake features the Gasparini Adaptive Crowing system and the E-Reflex frame deformation compensation system. The combination of these two systems gives excellent results in terms of quality, precision and repeatability of the parts to be bent.

For more information:

  • Gasparini Adaptive Crowning
  • E-Reflex

The customer chose to equip the press brake with the Delem DA-69T CNC, which, thanks to its proven user interface, allows a fast transition from programming to production. The large 17″ touch screen, which can also be used with gloves, facilitates the operator’s work. In addition, the Delem DA-69T CNC differs from the DA-66T in its 3D programming capabilities.

The offline software is the Delem Profile-T 3D.

The backgauge system has 6 axes (X-R-Z1-Z2-X5-X6) controlled by CNC, and is also equipped with an additional stop on one of the references.

Thanks to this configuration, the press brake can achieve a high level of precision and ergonomics during the bending process.

The safety system installed is the Laser DSP-AP, which offers a lowered speed change point and reduced cycle time. The system generates a visible laser beam that follows EN12622 standards and protects the operator from any risk of crushing between punch and die.

Talmac’s press brake was equipped with hardened hydraulic upper clamping for Wila tooling, installed directly on the ram. This system exerts a high clamping force, which, acting on large surfaces, requires low clamping pressures and ensures a longer system life.

In addition, it allows fast and accurate positioning even with split tools. The system is self-aligning: when the hydraulic clamps on the ram are actuated, the intermediates immediately come into contact with the loading surface, eliminating the need for preliminary bending.

The press brake is also equipped with lower hydraulic clamping for Wila tools.

To facilitate the operator’s work, Sliding Front Supports Plus have been fitted to this machine.

These supports are equipped with aluminium profiles, on which they can be mounted:

  • disappearing stops
  • graded ruler
  • steel ball transfers
  • anti-scratch brushes
  • micrometric gauges
  • protractor

The two supports are connected to the press brake by a linear guide that allows them to be positioned along the entire length of the machine, and have an adjustable vertical axis, also with a recirculating ball linear guide and precision screw, to adapt to the height of the lower tool. The linear guides extend beyond the lower ram to park the supports when not in use.

Finally, this folder has been configured with:

  • standard foot pedal
  • pre-setup for Tele-Link remote assistance
  • work area LED illumination
  • mechanical pre-setup for CE tandem with DSP-AP laser (for each machine)
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