27 October 2022

The X-Press 330/4000 project for a fan manufacturer

For Ferrari Ventilatori, a benchmark in the centrifugal and axial fan market, we built a 330 t hydraulic press brake with a 4100 mm bench length, featuring the Laservisor bending control system. The bench-crosshead clearance is 500 mm, with a Y-axis travel of 300 mm and with 110 mm intermediates to make it easy to process parts in general, while also making it possible to machine any boxed parts.

The main technical features of the press brake

Important was the choice of the Laservisor system for bending angle measurement and correction. This angle control system acts by means of a laser beam.

The device consists of a laser and a camera on both sides of the bending line. The laser beam is projected onto the surface of the sheet metal, then the camera recognizes the laser beam, and finally the angle between the beam and the axis of the camera determines the bend angle.

The backgauge has 5 axes (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) controlled by CNC. In addition to the standard axes, Z1 and Z2 have been optioned to be able to move the back references laterally, simplifying the positioning of parts with different lengths. In addition, the X6 axis has been added so that parts with different support points can be machined. The footplate is a standard type, so it is wired. The front supports, on the other hand, are of the sliding type: the front arm is adjustable in height and is mounted on a linear guide. It can be easily disengaged from the rail if needed, and due to its low weight it can be moved with minimal effort. The support surface is covered with scratch-resistant polyethylene profiles.

The CNC is the Delem DA-66T, which, with its simplified user interface, makes it possible to move quickly from programming to production. The large touch screen, which can be used even with gloves, makes the operator’s work easier. In addition, both communication standards compliant with Industry 4.0 Intelligent Factory models and Tele-Link remote service functionality are installed.

How to reduce energy waste with the press brake

To decrease energy waste and improve productivity, the press brake has been implemented with the ECO energy-saving system. Thanks to this system, the motor is used only when necessary, supplying only the power needed for the bending process. In fact, during stand-by phases, the pump remains off, significantly reducing oil stress and energy waste.

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