20 May 2024

Press brake 165/3000 for metal carpentry

For a Spanish metal carpentry workshop, we built a hydraulic press brake with a capacity of 165 tonnes and a table length of 3100 mm.

Main technical features

This press brake features the Easy Design and is created with a 600 mm open-height and 300 mm Y-axis stroke.

It integrates the Gasparini Adaptive Crowning System and the E-Reflex Deformation Compensation System. Thanks to these two systems, it is possible to obtain very high quality results, with exceptional precision and constant repeatability of the bent parts.

It has also been customised with a specific colour combination.


The backgauge has 6 axes (X-R-Z1-Z2-X5-X6) controlled by CNC, and has an additional stop on a backgauge reference.

The backgauge references have an integrated anti-collision safety device. The device disengages them in the event of violent shocks that could damage them or even cause them to lose their correct position. In this case, the operator can put the references back in their seat quickly and easily.

Clamping system

The customer chose to equip the press brake with Gasparini’s AirSlide upper pneumatic clamping system with a height of 200 mm for European-type tools, and with Gasparini’s lower pneumatic clamping system. AirSlide is a compressed air distribution system that allows tool adapters to be moved along the entire length of the beam, in the desired position, without connecting pipes and without tools. They can be removed or added in any combination, without air loss. They are also self-aligning: the punches are lifted and brought into position.

Sliding front supports

This machine has been equipped with two sliding front supports.

They consist of a height-adjustable sliding front arm mounted on a linear guide, with a tool tray. They can be easily disengaged from the rail if required, and due to their low weight can be moved with very little effort.

The shelf measures 600 x 140 mm, is covered with scratch-resistant polyethylene profiles and can support up to 500 kg.

Safety system

The safety device implemented is the DSP-AP Laser, which provides a reduction in speed and a decrease in cycle time. The system emits a visible laser beam that complies with EN12622 standards and ensures that the operator is protected from any danger of being crushed between the die and the punch. This solution is an improvement over older light curtains or single-beam guards that no longer meet current standards.

CNC e Software

The CNC is a Delem DA-66S type:


  • 2D graphical touch screen programming mode
  • 3D machine representation, in simulation and production
  • 24″ high resolution color TFT
  • USB, peripheral interfacing
  • User specific application support within the control’s multitasking environment
  • Delem Profile Lite SL 2D offline software

In addition, the press brake is designed with

  • ECO energy-saving package
  • 1 standard foot pedal
  • LED lighting of the working area
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