12 March 2024

The 80/1600 press brake project for Talmac Machine Tools in South Africa

For Talmac Machine Tools, a South African company, we built a hydraulic press brake with a capacity of 80 tonnes and a table length of 1600 mm.

The main technical features

This press brake comes in the Easy Design and is designed with a 500 mm open-height and 300 mm Y-axis travel.

The backgauge is 2-axis (X-R) CNC-controlled, with an additional stop and reference. It is also equipped with the F function, with references that can be moved from the front of the machine.

The customer chose to equip it with Wila upper and lower manual clamping systems.

As for the CNC, the Delem DA-58T was chosen, with Delem Profile Lite SL 2D offline software.

Other systems and accessories

The Talmac Machine Tools 80/1600 press brake has other Gasparini systems and accessories:

  • 2 standard front supports
  • DSP-AP laser safety device with PLC
  • 1 standard foot pedal
  • LED work area lighting
  • Tele-Link remote assistance

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